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1 Dr Naveen Kumar Research Consultant PhD Food Technology RajasthaJaipurApply Now
2 Dr SHWETA AGARWAL Research Consultant Phd-Biotechnology Uttar PradeshGautam Buddh NagarApply Now
3 Dr Renu Dayal Research Consultant Phd-Biotechnology Uttar PradeshVaranasiApply Now
4 Dr. VIKAS KUSHWAHA Research Consultant Phd-Biotechnology Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
5 SHOUBHONIK DEB Research Consultant Phd-Biotechnology AssamDibrugarhApply Now
6 Dr. Soamyaa Srivastava Research Consultant Phd-Biotechnology Uttar PradeshMirzapurApply Now
7 Dr NIRAJ KUMAR TRIPATHI Research Consultant Phd Madhya PradeshJabalpurApply Now
8 Dr Himani Singh Research Consultant Phd-Biotechnology Uttar PradeshGhaziabadApply Now
9 Dr Ratnesh Kumar Tripathi Research Consultant PhD Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
10 Shweta Shakya Academic Consultant M.Sc-Physics Uttar PradeshFarrukhabadApply Now
11 Dr Manoj Kumar Research Consultant Phd Uttar PradeshGautam Buddh NagarApply Now
12 Dr Vineeta Gupta Research Consultant Phd Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
13 Dr. Mairaj Ahmed Ansari Research Consultant Phd-Microbiology Uttar PradeshVaranasiApply Now
14 Dr KARMVEER KUMAR GAUTAM Research Consultant Phd Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
15 Syed Faiz Ahmad Madni Program Coordinator M.Sc-Biochemistry Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
16 VINOD KUMAR JATAV Academic Consultant M.Tech-Biotechnology Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
17 Er Tafseer Fatma Academic Consultant M.Tech-Biotechnology Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
18 Ranjeet Singh Tanwar Academic Consultant M.Sc-Biotechnology HaryanaBhiwaniApply Now
19 HARIPRASATH Research Consultant M.Phill Tamil NaduTiruvallurApply Now
20 Dr. Nilima Dash Research Consultant Phd OdishaDebagarh (Deogarh);Apply Now
21 Dr Sheelendra Mangal Bhatt Research Consultant Phd-Molecular Biology PunjabJalandharApply Now
22 Er BRIJENDRA KUMAR KASHYAP Academic Consultant M.Tech-Biotechnology Uttar PradeshJhansiApply Now
23 KOMARAIAH Academic Consultant M.Tech-Biotechnology TelanganaMedakApply Now
24 Ganapathy Ganesan Student Coordinator B.Sc-Microbiology Uttar PradeshVaranasiApply Now
25 Sasidhar Muralidharan Academic Consultant M.Sc-MIcrobiology Tamil NaduTheniApply Now
26 CHANDRA MOHAN MISHRA Academic Consultant M.Sc-Chemistry UttarakhandPithoragarhApply Now
27 Dr. Akhileshwar Research Consultant Phd-Botany (Cancer Biology) Uttar PradeshVaranasiApply Now
28 Ravindra kumar Academic Consultant M.Sc-Physics OdishaKoraputApply Now
29 Sugandh Singh Industrial consultant M.Sc-Clinical Chemistry Delhi (NCT)North DelhiApply Now
30 RAJ KAPOOR Industrial Consultant M. Sc Food Microbiology Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
31 MOHAMMED NAYEEM Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
32 Abdul Rahman Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
33 Darshana Asaramji Raut Academic Consultant M.Sc-Biochemistry Madhya PradeshVidishaApply Now
34 Dr.Chandra Pal Singh Research Consultant Phd UttarakhandChamoliApply Now
35 JITENDRA MAURYA Program Coordinator M.Tech-Biotechnology Uttar PradeshVaranasiApply Now
36 Rohit Kumar Academic Consultant M.Sc-Molecular Genetics Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
37 Dr. Kgothalang karabo Mokwena Research Consultant Phd Andaman and Nicobar Island (UT)North and Middle AndamaApply Now
38 Noor Ahmad Uttar PradeshLucknowApply Now
39 Dr. Mohammad Owes Research Consultant PHD Microbiology Uttar PradeshMoradabadApply Now
40 Mr. Jagdeesh Prasad Program Coordinator Master of Science in Microbiology Uttar PradeshFaizabadApply Now
41 Ayushi singh Academic Counselor B. Pharm Uttar PradeshKanpur NagarApply Now
42 Dr. Sneha Singh Research Consultant Phd Delhi (NCT)New DelhiApply Now
43 Dr. Vineeta Devi Research Consultant Ph.D Madhya PradeshVidishaApply Now
44 Ranjeet Kumar Academic Consultant Persuing Ph.D Delhi (NCT)North East DelhiApply Now
45 Akshay Singh Academic Consultant M.Tech Uttar PradeshVaranasiApply Now
46 RAVI KUMAR YADAV Academic Consultant M.SC Uttar PradeshAllahabadApply Now
47 ROHIT KUMAR SINHA Academic Consultant M.Tech-Biotechnology JharkhandRanchiApply Now
48 BIPIN CHAND MISRA Academic Consultant M.Tech-Biotechnology Uttar PradeshKanpur NagarApply Now
49 Vaishali Student Coordinator MSc Delhi (NCT)New DelhiApply Now
50 Kushwant Rahul Academic Consultant M. Sc Agriculture Andhra PradeshWest GodavariApply Now

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