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We are providing unique education platform to work online from location, we recognize your dedication and efforts in the form of Cash/monetary reward as well as Life Member benefits. Interested Youngsters, Academicians of any stream, Research Professionals as well as Industrial Experts can share their knowledge with us in the form of Audio & Video Lecture, Study Material and Question Paper Preparation for our different programs and courses.

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Sl.No. Particular Duration Cash Reward Life Time Benefit
1 Audio Lecture 60 to 90 Min  Rs. 300 to 500/topic Fee Share in course fee
2 Video Lecture 60 to 90 Min Rs. 500 to 1000/topic  Fee Share in course fee
3 Question Paper Preparation -------------- Rs. 5/- Question Fee Share in course fee
4 Study Material -------------- Depend on topic and Quality Fee Share in course fee
*** Lecture must have the quality audio and video to upload on Youtube.

HOW to Make Video Lecture?

Download Screen Recording software Click here