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Become A Mentor


Become A Online Mentor on Best Online Educational Institute..... 

It is an unique initiative by ITLS Academy towards bringing faculties of Inter Colleges/Degree Colleges/Engineering Colleges/Universities, Scientists, students, research scholars, industrial experts and professionals under one umbrella to share their novel ideas, knowledge & research work to contribute towards the social welfare. The members of the association will be constantly exposed to the ongoing academic activities by means of online education/test series/Courses, public awareness programs, food safety programs, training, workshops, seminars and conferences where academicians from across the globe will be invited to share their ideas, experiences, research work and will provide better insight into other promising dimensions of this discipline.

Sale E-notes & Video

ITLS Academy is providing an unique feature to the academician to sale their individual e-notes & video on our platform.

Price of each video and e-notes you can decide according to you.

Earning will be credited monthly in Educator account.

To sale video & E-notes educator have no need to design any course.

Educators have to promote their content by their own

Design your course

1. Mentor can also sale their video lectures and e-notes at ITLS Academy new*** 

2. Mentor can desing the course and organize it on ITLS Academy platform to generate his passive earning.

3. Mentor can make his team and get additional benefits.

4. Mentor can take admission in any course of ITLS Academy and get fee share.

5. You can join ITLS-Academic Association on different profiles as per your qualification & experience.

Who can join? Any working/non-working professional

How to get students? Promote yourself with referral code on social media.

ITLS Support: Counseling of registered candidates.


Mentors can also organize workshop, Seminar, training in academic organizations on the behalf of ITLS Academy.

Mentor can design their own course to organize at ITLS Academy.

How to design course CLICK HERE and send it to us at 

If we found it suitable then you can organize it with us.

Make audio/video lecture to earn more...

(Topic will be provide by ITLS Academy as per requirement) 

Sl.No. Particular Duration Cash Reward
1 Inter Active Audio Lecture with Camera  30 to 90 Min  Rs. 300 to 500/topic
2 Video Lecture (Board Lecture) 30 to 90 Min Rs. 500 to 1000/topic 
*** Lecture must have the quality audio and video as per youtube standards.
*** Record the lecture without using head phone.
*** Lectures recorded with mobile will not be acceptable & payable.


1. After providing the lecture to ITLS Academy and receiving the payment for it, you will not have any right on lecture prepared by you.

2. ITLS Academy can use it at anywhere, anytime and any platform. 

Make Test paper for our courses to earn more.....
(Topic will be provide by ITLS Academy as per requirement)
Sl.No. Question Type Format Cash Reward
1 Multiple choice question MS Word format Rs. 3/Question
2 Multiple choice question MS word with uploading on our portal Rs. 5/Question 


Rs.2100 (Indian Mentor) and $100 (Other Country Mentor) which will be valid for 5 year


Is it mandatory to select registered mentor for my reference?

Yes, it is mandatory, without selecting reference mentor your registration form will not be submitted.

Is there any fee to join as a mentor/member?

Yes, mentor will be as Life member of ITLS Academy and Life Membership Fee is Rs.2100 (Indian Mentor) and $100 (Other Country Mentor) which will be valid for 5 year.

Is there any certificate will be provided to mentor/member?

Yes, after paying membership fee A LIFE MEMBRSHIP CERTIFICATE with validity of Five Years will be provided.

Is it possible to Become A Mentor at ITLS Academy without paying membership fee?

Yes, you can join us without paying membership fee at initial but it will be deducted from their earning from ITLS Academy. Membership Certificate will be provided after adjusting their fee from their earning.

How can I login my account?

Open and click on LOGIN, enter your registered mobile no. and password.  

How can I live my account on ITLS ACADEMY Website?

Register -----> Complete your profile detail with passport size photograph----> Add some courses in your account----> Send us an email of profile completion at or Whatsapp at 7080833450

How can I add courses in my account?

Please login your account, click on tutorial option and see video Become a Mentor.

When my account will be live?

Within 48 hour after receiving your profile completion information through email or whatsapp

How can I earn?

Share ITLS course in your social media network, get leads in your account and earn.

How can I get more leads?

Connect with us on whatsapp 7080833450, we will provide advertisement of course with your referral code to share on social media. 


1. All the mentor are requested to submit their updated resume with passport size photo and scanned copy of address & ID proof (Aadhar Card/voter ID). 

2. The payment of mentor will be credited from 15 to 20 day of each month.

3. Mentor can’t use or provide the same content anywhere which given to ITLS Academy. If it’s found your membership will be canceled instantly without any prior information.

4. Mentor royalty will be applicable till the validity of their membership. 

5. Mentor payment will be credited only their account, they can’t use the account of any other, even from their family member also.

6. Mentor has to prepare the lecture in ITLS Academy prescribed format. If it’s not found then lecture will not be considered for payment.

7. Mentor has to provide the recorded lecture before 24 hour of lecture schedule in the course.

8. Mentors cannot use their personal contact detail like mobile no. and email ID or website in lecture prepared for ITLS Academy.

9. The content should not be used from any copyright material in video lectures; if it’s found then mentor will be responsible to resolve the issues related to it.

10. The questions should not be copied from anywhere; if it’s found then mentor will be responsible to resolve the issues related to it.